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Google Makes it Simple…

By June 13, 2014 No Comments

…Google+ & Google Maps /Local can be merged.

Some great news for those who manage their presence on Google as finally Google’s free business listings have been simplified.

Until very recent updates, the Google + platform companies were required to have a listing on Google Maps/Local and also a Google Plus page.  Managing them could be a real pain making your you have the right access to each one and also making double the changes if there a required change to the business.

Things now have changed and you can now tidy up this mess.  Google released a help page  to explain how to merge your G+ page for business with your Google Maps page.

So what’s the big deal, well before you could merge these two:  You would have to log into one to do certain things and the other for others…a pain right. It looked something like this:


Image courtesy of Google Plus


So before with our Google+ page we could:

  • Post status updates
  • Engage in meaningful conversations with customers, prospects, partners, and competitors.
  • Promote our brand on Google’s social network.

Our Google Maps page, perhaps more important the business:

  • Helps customers find our office.
  • Allows happy (and not so happy!) customers to leave reviews.
  • Protects our real estate on the SERPs for brand searches.

However, when they are not merged, visitors may not be  seeing all the information we would like them to. For instance on our G+ page they can’t see reviews and on our Google Maps page they can’t see our status updates.

So to have all this in the one place would be so much easier.

So how do you merge them?

1. Log into Google+ and navigate to the “Pages” drop down on the left hand side of the page.

– Make sure you are the owner not just a manager of both the pages – as I wasted 10 mins working this one out!!

2. Navigate to the Local Page you would like to merge and click “Manage this page”

(Note this may look the same as your G+ page. To identify the Maps/Local page look for the    “Verified Local Business” shield next to the page name.)

3. Now you are acting as your Local page. Navigate to “Settings” under the top left drop down menu.

4. Scroll down to the “Profile” section near the bottom of the page and click “Connect to a different page”5. Select the page you would like to connect to and click “Next.”

6. Review the message on the following page and click “Confirm” if everything is in order.

7. You are now connected!

See below for a few important notes we have seen around the web and on the Google help page as users merge pages. Of course we are not responsible for any issues you may face merging your pages. But certainly if something buggy happens let us know in the comments!

  • Make sure to check the “location extensions” in your AdWords campaigns. Some users are reporting that they are disconnecting.
  • Owner responses to user comments may be deleted (either temporarily or permanently)
  • Some reviews may take several hours to (hopefully) populate on your new page.


Now you may not have had a google Local listing, well you really should so here’s the instructions to add one if you haven’t

Create And Add A Local Business

Having both a business page and Google Maps listings is confusing. Now, Google is making it less complicated and allowing you to combine the two. Here’s how to do it.

  • First choose your status, either you have never added your local business to Google or you have already created a page that is not connected to Google Maps.
  • If you have never added your business, you need to first add and verify a new business location.
  • Follow the steps for adding a listing and typing in your full business information.
  • Go through the verification process either by phone or postcard. Once verified, you can move on to the transfer process above.

So your Google Listing streamlined now.  Or if you not and want a hand let us know and we’ll help out.  Let us know on our  Contact Page.


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