LinkedIn Activity Feed re-appears in User Profile

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LinkedIn Activity Feeds re-appears in User Profile

I discovered a great improvement to LinkedIn today, well not really an improvement but a reinstatement.  Back in December 2013 LinkedIn decided to remove the activity feeds from a users profiles stopping you checking out what they had posted in the past.

Now this was a real pain for those of us who research our contacts to see what is important to them and their clients.  Unless you happened to notice it your own news feed and then memorise it for later use you could no longer see what they were posting.  A real shame and I don’t know why LinkedIn thought it was a good idea.

But they have reversed this decision and at the end of May started to re-introduce the functionality to users. So by now everyone should be able to see people’s activity feed.  The bad news is it is not a straight forward as before and just visible on the profile.  But once you know how it is pretty easy.  So here is a quick guide how to do it:

  • For LinkedIn users you are connected to, click on the down arrow next to the LinkedIn Send a Message button that appears on the profile page of the LinkedIn user.

LinkedIn Send a Message button

  • Select View Recent Activity from the pop-up menu that appears. This will display all the LinkedIn status updates for that user  for the last two weeks. Here’s what my activity feed looked like when I clicked on this option from a PC browser screen.

Linkedin sample view activity feed screen


  • For LinkedIn users you aren’t currently connected to, click on the down arrow on either the Follow button or the Send InMail button on their LI user profile screen. This will also bring up a pop-up menu where you can select the View Recent Activity option to see their latest status updates.

When LinkedIn first removed this feature in December, it caused issues because a user’s activity feed was the only place where other users could go to see all of their recent status updates, profile changes, posts to discussions, new connections, etc. in one place.

So next time you want to do a bit of research on someone on LinkedIn this should help you.

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