Just a really quick Friday email as I wanted to tell you about how I helped one of my clients this week.  Now you may be waiting for something breathtaking but this was really rather simple but sometimes simple is best.

After BlueBeagle completed his website and hosting (have a look if you want…  http://shaenvironmental.co.uk/) he was moaning about all the email accounts he now had set up in his outlook and that being on the road a lot that he needed email access everywhere.

Well I told him about Google Apps where all my email follows me round, are always synched and all my various email address are all filtered into one inbox.

But even better with Google Drive I can get my hands on all my documents wherever I am with out my computer. Something I didn’t even need to tell him about as he was already sold was that I can share and collaborate on documents and calendars with people and my office can be wherever there is a bit of wifi and most of the time I can do it all on my ipad mini, much easier than carting a laptop around.

So now my client has got everything he needs to be productive whilst on road.

Anyway if you want to make your business life easier then I found some promo codes for Google Apps saving you £6.50 off per user and its only £3.30 per user per month. Worth every penny.

Claim your Promo Code

and I’ll email you the code or if you want to just sign up anyway it gives you a 30 day trial.


Give Google Apps a Trial
Make sure next week is productive for you.

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